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Folder Size 3.4.0

It identifies which files and folders take the most your disk space
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Folder Size is a free utility that scans the hard drives on your computer or just selected folders and identifies which files and folders take the most of your disk space. Since the information is displayed in a chart-like form, spotting the bulkiest files and folders in a drive is much faster and easier to accomplish than if compared to a manual search.

As I already anticipated, this app makes a file or folder analysis and gives you details regarding their sizes. Furthermore, some additional information is also listed in a table-like panel. This information refers to the files and folders' name, when they were created, last modified or accessed, as well as to other details, like the folder owner, the size percentage within the parent folder, and so on. These details can be used as filters in order to sort the files and folders according to the criteria that interests you. In addition, the application issues a series of reports based on the largest, oldest, or newest files and folders. However, the greatest benefit resides in the ability to see the scanned elements as colored bar and pie charts, and thus have a visual insight of the contents of your drives and folders.

All in all, this is a good application in case you intend to clean your hard drives, either by deleting or by moving files and folders. This makes Folder Size neither a must-have tool, nor a completely irrelevant program – you can make use of it from time to time in order to keep your computer drives organized.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Quick scan of computer drives.
  • Identifies the largest files and folders.
  • Issues reports based on the largest, oldest, or newest files and folders.
  • Displays the largest files and folders in a chart-like form


  • Charts appearance cannot be customized
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